All that you need in one plugin to deliver outstanding immersive stereo mixes.

Fact is the rise of streaming media has radically changed our listening behaviour in favour of headphones and small speakers.
Sfera audio processing is inspired by the way people experience sound. Sfera gives you absolute control over the position and movement of any sound allowing you to simulate reality. With Sfera you'll deliver true cinematic sound in stereo.

The eye believes what the ear hears.

Sfera is the most versatile and powerful 3D binaural plugin, that introduces a new way of mixing in stereo to deliver a cinematic quality never heard before in any streaming device.

• Listener: Azimuth L/R/Front/Back, elevation

• Sound sources: Azimuth L/R/Front/Back, elevation

• Listener yaw (horizontal plane) and pitch (vertical plane)

• Unlimited room modelling

• Adjustable direct sound roll-off
• Adjustable reflections roll-off
• Doppler in movement

• Early reflections based on current position and rotation of source and listener in relation to room
• Filters for different reflections characters 

• Additional extra filters for realistic behaviour of a wide range of sounds and rooms
• Multiple HRTF sets 

• Directional sound source (yaw)
• Head tracking
• Minimal latency
• Cinematic 3D Sound ®

Timber has a proud history of development in the audio software field and it is recognised internationally for its' achievements.
Sfera has been developed by a seasoned audio team leaded by Pater Bakker, co-founder of Audioease where he developed Altiverb, and Daniel Talma. Both engineers are one of the most experienced immersive audio experts in in the international audio sphere.

Sfera is meant for headphones use but even sounds great on stereo speakers. Just try it and will hear it.