Timber 3D Blog

Stereo Immersive sound is a new technology that requires the right implementation, so we started a blog page to share our knowledge and experience.

Why 3D sound doesn’t always seem to work

"Experimenting with 3D sound coming from mixing in stereo and surround has been a great experience and a lot of lessons learned. I’d like to explain what I’ve learned, and what I think is really important to understand when you want to get into 3D audio."

 Recording and producing for 3D sound

"This presents a challenge for today’s sound designers and mixing engineers. They need to master a new medium, with it’s own rules and own do’s and dont’s. Below we’ll try to explain some main differences between recording or producing for stereo or surround, and producing for 3D."

Converting a surround mix to 3D/binaural

"This seems to be the holy grail for many film companies; a cheap and easy trick to have their whole catalogue played back in 3D audio.
(...) you might already understand that it is not that simple."

Side chaining and other processing in 3D

"Another change the audio engineer faces when working with 3D sound is how to deal with post processing of 3D processed audio.
Ideally the 3D audio process is the last process in the effects chain. The binaural output of the 3D process should not undergo any further audio processing."