We had a good conversation with the experienced Sound Engineer Jurriaan Balhuizen from Goodsounds in Amsterdam and the Executive film  Producer Christian Lobo from London. They gave us their point of view about the sound industry trends and Timber.


Daniel Samaan

Owner SonusPro Studio
Timber 3D Sfera Ambassador 
Toronto - Canada

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"The Sfera engine is the evolution of true audio immersion, and a complete replacement of surround sound systems but in stereo units.... Let's face it, the majority of consumers are always on the go. They are still using headsets, car speakers, and other stereo devices as their primary option. So how about taking the experience to them without asking them to purchase any extra bells and whistles. And so Timber 3D carefully developed a quality engine that replicates true 3D audio on any stereo system with a full 360 degree sonic rotation, as well as height and distance simulation with real time sonic characteristic changes. Imagine experiencing the sounds of birds flapping around your head, planes soaring from above, and dogs running up to your feet as if you're actually there. Consumers can finally experience all of this on the go. Problem solved. Expensive home theater setups are a thing of the past."
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Dave Cooper

Sound Designer and audio supervisor 
Senior Sound designer at NÂș8 in London.
and Scramble Soho.

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with the team from Timber since their engine was first being utilised and supplied much of the audio that was used for beta testing. Since the development of the UI, I was the first commercial sound designer to use 'Spatializer' and was hugely impressed with its capabilities to create a plausible 3D environment compared to other available software.
It is incredibly easy to incorporate into our Protools sessions as it does not require its own routing matrix to a separate encoder. The plug-in is simply inserted onto the relevant track and the full automation capabilities mean that multiple environments, reflections and response times can be used with a variety of audio clips on a single track.
The real beauty of this plug-in is that it will create a realistic spatial effect from a mono source so we are able to use all of our existing sound libraries and place sound effect and dialogue in a 3D environment without the need for specialist recording techniques or equipment and the UI is incredibly intuitive and easy to use in comparison to similar software." 


Jurriaan Balhuizen

Founder, Creative Director and Composer at Postoffice Sound in Amsterdam


"We've been looking for a lot of solutions and they all have this encoding-decoding problems and complicated stuff, and they don't sound as great as Timber. Timber is the first one that I found that actually really works and it sounds fantastic."

Oliver Barth

Sound Designer Btrax in Berlin Sound Editing since 1995

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"I like it very much. A most valuable tool in the 3-dimensional world. It's simplicity and superb quality will make it a "winner".
I think that's really an excellent 3D sound in my stereo headphones!!"

Christian Lobo

Executive Producer London
Uncommon, Anomaly, VML/Y&R-Danone, Surefire Films

"Timber 3D audio delivers fully immersive sound mixes so that means cinema surround sound quality at home. that is a massive breakthrough. There is no huge investment in hardware, there is no big speaker array system or special sound bar needed; just a pair of stereo speakers. For me this is the evolution of sound, the new stereo. In other words, this is the new sound standard that all media should now be delivered in."