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We specialise in 3D (binaural) audio. In a time where more and more people listen to content over headphones, we believe that 3D audio is the new stereo, and almost any production will benefit from 3D mixing. No matter if you work in film, video, gaming, radio or music, 3D mixing opens new sonical doors. Anybody who listened to a production in 3D over headphones doesn’t want to go back to normal stereo again. However, just like the change from mono to stereo meant a big change in the way sound engineers had to approach a mix, 3D is not different, you need to rethink your sound plan. 
And that is where we excel. We have a vast knowledge of producing for 3D and know how to deliver the best 3D experience possible. 
Timber 3D offers (re-)mixing services for linear media (film, video, music, radio), while for interactive applications (AR, VR, gaming) we offer our 3D engine as a plugin with head tracking for various platforms. 
Because we develop our own tools we have a level of control which is simply impossible with an off the shelf solution. You work directly with the developers giving you an unprecedented level of control over your production.

our 3D audio engine

A normal stereo mix primarily relies upon relative volumes to position and move sounds around, while our 3D engine uses many more subtle and complex cues that will greatly improve the feeling of ‘being there’.  Any change in position will not only result in a change of relative volumes, but also in frequency, phase, pitch and reflections behaviour. We can remix any existing video or audio production in 3D, while game, AR and VR applications can send listener and sound source coordinates directly to our engine. Read more about our engine on our tech page.

Primarily made for headphone use, our tests has shown that even on speakers the spatial impression is improved.


We’re located in Utrecht, the Netherlands
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