Timber is a leader in 3D immersive audio for the motion picture, video gaming and music industry.

We've developed an innovative audio technology that combines binaural principles with Timber’s proprietary spatial  
techniques to deliver high quality stereo immersive mixes. Timber delivers surround sound in stereo.

Today digital video is transforming the entertainment industry and the new ways of viewing films require adaptation in the entire supply chain, from concept to production to distribution. 

Fact is the rise of streaming media has radically changed our listening behaviour: the growth of streaming media and the popularity of portable devices overwhelmingly favour headphones and small speakers. Unfortunately the playback of a down-mixed, multi-channel surround mix via small stereo speakers or tiny headphones is a far cry from the far more dynamic and immersive original audio experience.

Though screens have shrunk,
Timber delivers big cinematic sound for small formats. 

Timber 3D is the new stereo: a sophisticated sound engine that delivers outstanding sound quality through headphones
and small speakers, and does this without the need of any special hardware or decoder.

Timber 3D delivers the same emotional impact of your multi-channel soundtrack in VOD distribution,
elevating simple stereo sound to cinematic audio, and at a level of quality like never before.

Sound for the Streaming Generation.

* Limited Offer.