Timber is a leader in 3D immersive audio for the entertainment industry. We develop the next generation of 3D audio tools.
Our innovative audio technology combines binaural principles with Timber’s proprietary spatial techniques to deliver high quality stereo immersive mixes

Is the most advanced and sophisticated 3D audio technology with and outstanding sound quality.

· A versatile and revolutionary audio process to fully enhance your stereo mixes to a level never heard before.
· With Timber Sfera you can deliver full surround sound in stereo. 
· The best sound for streaming audiences

How to get Timber 3D

Daniel Samaan - SonusPro

"The Sfera engine is the evolution of true audio immersion, and a complete replacement of surround sound systems but in stereo units...."

Oliver Barth - Btrax

"I like it very much. A most valuable tool in the 3-dimensional world. It's simplicity and superb quality will make it a "winner".

Jurriaan Belhuizen - Postoffice 

"Sfera is the first one that I found that actually really works and it sounds fantastic."

Dave Cooper . Nº8 London

"I was the first commercial sound designer to use 'Sfera' and was hugely impressed with its capabilities to create a plausible 3D environment compared to other available software."

"For me this is the evolution of sound, the new stereo."

Christian Lobo - Film Executive Producer - London

Moving sound for the streaming generation.